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Heiss told the court: "I certainly didn't taunt him. I certainly didn't say anything once the knife had been introduced."

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Watch the video of David Heiss leaving the country after the violent murder

Experts examined blood patterns in the flat that indicated a frenzied attack, in which Mr Pyke had tried to crawl away from Heiss.

flat, he lay in wait by an air conditioning unit Omega Watch Seamaster Aqua Terra

Mr Pyke, a student at Nottingham Trent University, was an "obstacle" Heiss wanted to eliminate after he fell in love with his girlfriend Joanna Witton, online.

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Heiss found out where Miss Witton lived and twice travelled to visit her.

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He put Miss Witton's laptop and the couple's Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game Cube and games into a laundry basket and threw them in a rubbish bin.

Mr Pyke suffered 86 stab wounds. The fatal injury was to his left lung and went in up to ten centimetres.

He told them: "At first I thought, 'just talk to him', although in my head there was an idea that I would beat him. I didn't care if he called the police afterwards. At the time I did not have any murderous thoughts."

Police had asked Heiss what went through his head as he stood outside the front door of the flat.

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He told her he loved her and hoped to get together with her one day, even though she was happy with Mr Pyke, her boyfriend of two and a half years.

Heiss looking pale, showed no emotion as the judge Mr Justice Keith said: "You have been convicted of the brutal and savage murder of Matthew Pyke.

When the verdict was read out, Matthew's mother Kim cried, while Miss Witton did not react.

"The tragedy is that Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Spectre

When Mr Pyke answered the door, Heiss stabbed him repeatedly.

David Heiss guilty of murdering Matthew Pyke in Nottingham

Miss Witton eventually blocked Heiss as a contact on her email account just days before Mr Pyke was killed.

Senior investigating officer Tony Heydon reads a statement on behalf of Matthew Pyke's family

The CCTV showed 21 year old Heiss, from the village of Dauborn, near Limburg, walking through Nottingham with a rucksack on his back and suitcase in his hand.

He watched as she was picked up by a colleague at 6.55am before he headed to the flat.

you are unable to cope with rejection. I recognise all of that, but the fact your motive for murder was so bizarre doesn't make your killing of Matthew any less serious."

Heiss claimed he fought with Mr Pyke and stabbed him indiscriminately in self defence. He denied murder.

He changed out of his bloodstained clothes, but took them back to Germany for "nostalgic value". He threw the knife away in a rubbish bin at a railway station halfway between Nottingham and Birmingham.

When he arrived at the couple's Omega Speedmaster Professional Hesalite

But the knife injuries told a different story. Mr Pyke was cut on his hands as he tried to defend himself, had crawled away from Heiss as he bled heavily and had been stabbed as he curled up in a foetal position.

There also appeared to be "taunting injuries" to Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Replica his body, in crisscross patterns that prosecutors suggested were inflicted as Heiss mocked him.

Heiss decided against leaving the fake suicide note and instead tried to make it appear there had been a robbery that ended in murder.

until morning, when Miss Witton would leave for work.

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But what Heiss had overlooked was that the UK is covered by an extensive network of CCTV.

In the USA for premeditated murder one, if he survived the death penalty he would get life without the possibility of parole. This killer had plenty of time to rationalize what he was doing and abort it, he chose not to. Let the jury decide murder one, two etc. as in the USA and have a mandatory sentence for each category murder one, as in this case no possibility of parole. Murder Two a set minimum by the Judge in the range of 15 to 40 years. If a prisoner is say 70 when they get 40 years they just have do what they can.

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Heiss booked return flights from Frankfurt to Birmingham and back, packed a suitcase and typed out a fake suicide note, allegedly from Mr Pyke, before he left.

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"I take into account you are 21. You were driven by an obsession with Joanna and by what you thought was her and Matthew's betrayal of you by what they said about you to their circle of friends.

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