Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

activity I have most been looking forward to.

The National Water Sports Centre has trained Olympic champions, including Notts rower Tim Brabants who struck gold at the Beijing Olympics. But I'm not here to win any medals staying afloat is the aim of the day.

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

dragged along on what looks like a telephone wire. If that doesn't sound bad enough, we are joined by a group of teenagers on wake boards (surf board type things), practising tricks and back flips making it look like a walk in the park.

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

After an all important Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon safety lecture we embark on the rapids and any initial excitement is replaced by fear.

and under although she's quickly hauled back onboard coughing and spluttering.

Arriving at the cable way, or ski tow as it's known, is an intimidating experience. The 400 metre long cable way allows you to water ski without a boat you basically get Omega Constellation Mens Diamond

My heart feels like it's beating out of my chest.

On the first run I underestimate how fast it's going to pull me and manage to go about two metres before letting out a girly scream and falling head first into yet more Trent water.

After some initial shyness, we all get stuck in and an hour later we're running around like six year olds.

Now we've loosened up, it's time to try out white water rafting the Omega Speedmaster Ck2998 Limited Edition

The instructor explains that the rapids can be adapted to suit almost any group predictably they get a lot of stag dos but he's also had a group from the Women's Institute, where the youngest was 64.

Swimming to the side I look up and expect to see stifled giggles, but despite the initial intimidation I realise that non of the pros are laughing, or even paying me any attention. So embarrassment over, I get up, brush myself off and have another go.

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

After a few attempts I manage to stay on my knees long enough to get along one side of the lake, but the corner keeps presenting me with problems and I get thrown off every time. I think the ski tow is definitely something you need to work on to get good at. After a day of sports which take me out of my comfort zone I am completely shattered and my arms feel like I've done a round with Mike Tyson.

Highlights of the course include mounting a six foot high wall, scrabbling through a muddy tunnel and wading through waist high river water trying not to think about slimy creatures beneath.

Believe me the rapids look a lot scarier when you're tipping over the edge while sitting on what looks like a glorified rubber dinghy. And once you're there, there's no going back.

But doing water sports is less about glamour and more about adrenalin and at Holme Pierrepont you're guaranteed to leave with it pumping through your veins.

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Having met the rest of my team less than an hour ago, this is hardly a team bonding situation, but I can see how this kind of activity is perfect for ironing out any problems with office politics.

The nice instructor hollers out commands to ensure we all stay onboard but unfortunately this doesn't stop one poor lass going over Omega Seamaster 300 Mesh

Having got myself back into my wet suit I find myself on my knees holding a water ski handle which is attached to the ski tow.

As well as getting ourselves up, over and under various rope ladders and the like, we also cart around six plastic floats which are all attached ensuring we can only go at the same pace as the slowest person.

On our first rapid we get a taste of things to come when a four foot, freezing cold wave washes over us, causing me to scream like the wimp I am.

If you're not content with being thrown around in a raft and prefer more of a personal challenge, then the centre's hidden treasure, and my next activity of the day, is the water ski cable way.

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

Holme Pierrepont has definitely got a lot to offer anyone looking for an adrenalin filled day out and located just ten minutes out of Nottingham no excuse not to go.

TRYING to look elegant when doing water sports is a difficult task, especially when you're wading through water from the River Trent and the British weather has taken a turn for the worse.

The rafts take up to eight people and the course, which was revamped in 2008, is classed as one of the best in the country.

Just as I'm about to chicken out, one of the instructors mentions that they are the current European wake boarding champions and we'll be starting off on more sedate looking knee boards.

Days out at Holme Pierrepont

Omega Speedmaster Gray Side Of The Moon

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